Solutions for Education

UserGate is able to provide:

  • internal network security against a wide range of external online threats;
  • in-depth analysis of webpages with support for morphological linguistic analysis based on specialized morphological dictionaries;
  • support for a wide range of user authentication methods and the ability to coordinate Internet access for public networks, campuses, etc.

Nowadays, practically all educational institutions make use of the Internet, the amount of bandwidth being used is increasing everywhere, and the number of devices with Internet access is also growing.

Educational institutions are responsible for both ensuring the security of their growing IT infrastucture and complying with a variety of special legal requirements, despite the often very limited financial means available to them.

In addition, UserGate supports a full set of features for Internet filtering, including filtering by categories, morphological analysis of webpage contents, safe search, filtering banners and tracking scripts, download controls, and Internet usage monitoring and statistics.

All this makes it possible to block dangerous sites, like those related to pornography, drugs, suicide, and extremism, while also implementing any access policy.

The solution makes provisions for the authentication of guest users, public Wi-Fi users, and security policies for personal devices that have access to the network (BYOD support).

Approximately 14,000 schools in different countries have safeguarded their Internet security with UserGate. Our solution is also used by several large universities and libraries, as well as a number of boarding schools and colleges. A variety of telecommunications operators have chosen UserGate to provide Internet filtering for their subscribers.

For small businesses, branch offices, POS-systems, schools, Wi-Fi hotspots

Networks of any size should be protected from external attacks, viruses, and a wide range of modern cyberthreats. UserGate С is a compact and easy-to-use network device that can protect the networks of small organizations or branch offices with anywhere from a few dozen users to a hundred or more.

For small and mid-sized companies

To protect corporate networks, you need a multifunctional solution that can provide comprehensive security for network infrastructure without negatively impacting access speeds. The UserGate D appliance is a full-fledged network server capable of securing small and medium-sized businesses with several hundred users.

For large enterprise networks and telecom providers

The UserGate Log Analyzer E collects and performs the initial processing of data from UserGate firewalls. The product is deployed separately from UserGate Security Gateway and is a full-fledged network server solution capable of protecting against all kinds of Internet threats on networks with up to a thousand or more users.

For large enterprise networks and data centers

UserGate Log Analyzer F25 is intended for use at major companies and data centers. This hardware and software system has great information storage capabilities and allows data received from UserGate servers to be processed as quickly as possible.

Virtual Firewall

For organizations that prefer a virtual platform

Virtual UserGate Log Analyzer can be deployed on the customer's virtual infrastructure. All hypervisors are supported, including VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, OpensStack, and VirtualBox. The functionality of our virtual solution is completely equivalent to that of the UserGate hardware system.

For small businesses, branch offices, POS-systems, schools, Wi-Fi hotspots

UserGate Management Center C offers easy-to-implement and centralized management features for network administrators. This solution allows to simplify deployment, and management of your UserGate products.

For large enterprise networks and telecom providers

Organizations with multiple branches, where a company-wide security policy must be applied to each device and lots of firewalls are used, require a single control center. UserGate Management Center E can manage a number of firewalls from a single point.