About UserGate

UserGate is an expert in content analysis, protection from web threats, and email security. UserGate product line solutions are able to provide extremely accurate and deep traffic and content inspection in many languages, complimented by high performance and solid security. UserGate delivers products working on virtually any level - PC, network gateway, on premise, or in the cloud - also available as virtual and hardware appliances.

UserGate solutions are used by more than 40,000 organizations all over the world, including government agencies, banks, major airports, international fast food chains, hotels, universities, 12,000+ schools, big telecom operators, and customers from many other vertical markets.

Clients and Users

Starting in 2016, our company implemented several dozen large projects involving the integration of the UserGate corporate solution into the infrastructure of a number of large businesses in fields such as oil and gas, energy, agriculture, transportation, and finance. UserGate's userbase is also made up of many small and medium-sized enterprises, such as government offices and about 14,000 schools and other educational institutions around the world, including well-known universities. UserGate is used by large telecommunications operators to ensure the Internet security of their subscribers.


UserGate's partner network consists of more than 300 systems integrators located in more than 40 countries, and it's still growing.


UserGate has received several international awards. In June 2015, UserGate won the SC Awards Europe prize from the British periodical SC Magazine. In February 2017, UserGate finished as one of five finalists in the category of Best UTM Solutions for the American SC Media prize.