UserGate Log Analyzer F25

UserGate Log Analyzer F25 is intended for use at major companies and data centers. This hardware and software system has great information storage capabilities and allows data received from UserGate servers to be processed as quickly as possible.


Comprehensive Infrastructure protection

Large projects impose particular demands on system performance. UserGate Log Analyzer F25 complements the functionality of the UserGate server solution, operates on the most powerful platform and processors, and is designed to aggregate data related to the analysis of security incidents as well as to monitor events and generate reports.


Based on the data that is obtained, UserGate Log Analyzer performs a deep analysis on the security events that have occurred, and any suspicious activities of individual users or hosts are identified and tracked. These functions are also necessary in order to comply with the modern SOAR (Security Automation, Orchestration and Response) concept. When configuring UserGate, you can specify what event types are submitted for analysis to the Log Analyzer.

  • Event log;
  • Intrusion detection system log;
  • Traffic log, computer-aided process control system events;
  • Events from the web access log.

UserGate Log Analyzer F25


Size of the data store: 25 TB

Number of records per second: 530 000

Estimated length of time that logs can be stored: 1 300 days

Size of the organization

Recommended number of users: up to 10 000

Equipment specification

10/100/1000Base-T ports: 9 built-in ports

IPMI management: yes

Processor, number of cores: 32

Memory: 64 GB

Disk: 25 ТБ, RAID-5 hot spare


Physical dimensions: 1U 438x580x44 mm

Weight: 16 kg

Rack mount: Set of rails for installation in a 19-inch rack

Power supply

Optional hot-swap power supply: yes

Power supply: 140-220 V

Power consumption (max): 300 W

Reduction of the load on UserGate gateways

Log processing and report generation

Consolidation of logs from several gateways for general analysis

Option for in-depth logging

Option for increasing the size of the store on LogAn servers

Ability to collect and analyze information from third-party devices