UserGate Management Center E

Organizations with multiple branches, where a company-wide security policy must be applied to each device and lots of firewalls are used, require a single control center. UserGate Management Center E can manage a number of firewalls from a single point.

Comprehensive Security

UserGate Management Center E can manage and maintain a distributed fleet of UserGate firewalls for medium-sized and large companies and their branches. This device comes pre-loaded and ready for initial setup.


Medium-sized and large enterprises, including those with branches, require a company-wide security policy to be applied to each firewall. UserGate Management Center E allows you to manage lots of firewalls from a single point, where administrators can monitor UserGate devices, apply the necessary settings or create policies for groups of devices to maintain the corporate network security. You can also combine UserGate Management Center E devices into clusters for higher performance or fault tolerance, when necessary.

UserGate Management Center E

Size of Organization

Devices under control*: up to 1 000

Equipment Specifications

Processor, number of cores: 16

10/100/1000Base-T ports: 8 built-in, +24 with expansion cards

10GBase-F SFP+ ports: 12 with expansion cards

RAM: 32 GB

HDD: 2×1 000 GB, RAID-1, fail-safe, rack-mountable

Expansion card slots: 3

IPMI management: yes


Dimensions: 1U 438 × 580 × 44 mm (17.24 x 22.83 x 1.73 inches)

Weight: 16 kg

Rack mount: set of rails for installation in a 19-inch rack

Power Supply

Additional hot-swappable power supply: yes

Power: 140–220 V

Power consumption (max): 300 W

* For the Enterprise level management, clustering along with redundant power supplies and HDDs are fully supported.

Unified management server

Support for cloud management platform

Applying company-wide policies and settings

Support for distributed firewall fleet

Creating managed realms

Cluster management