Solutions for Industrial Enterprises

UserGate is able to provide:

  • enterprise network protection against a wide range of external online threats;
  • security for dedicated infrastructure facilities.

In today's world, there is constant growth in the number of smart devices for industrial systems, and many of these fall under the category of non-maintainable items. The cybersecurity of industrial facilities is a pressing concern in the context of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The functional capabilities of devices used for industrial applications continues to develop at full speed. This is why a comprehensive approach is not often used for maintaining and securing these facilities in most cases. Solutions that are currently being applied do not guarantee comprehensive security and stable infrastructure operation.

UserGate is a comprehensive platform that is able to manage industrial facilities, monitor them, and safeguard them from attacks, hacking attempts, and malware. Our platform supports the configuration and management of a supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA). This allows the core operations of the technological process to be automated while also permitting human control and intervention if needed.

The UserGate X hardware and software package is specially developed for industrial applications and designed to work under the harshest of conditions, at temperatures from -40С (-40F) to 70C (160F) and at a relative humidity of 5% to 95%.

Most industrial enterprises need solutions that comply with regulatory requirements.

For large enterprise networks and data centers

For large corporate networks and data centers, it is critical to use reliable network solutions that provide high availability, fail-safe redundancy, scalability, and flexibility when it comes to integrating them with your network infrastructure. UserGate F combines all the security features you need with the capabilities necessary for functioning with maximum stability under an extremely high load.