Remote work

UserGate provides users with simple, secure remote access to corporate networks and resources while working remotely or traveling. UserGate can be used to create the following types of VPN connections:

Remote access VPN

UserGate acts as a VPN server, and users of other devices act as clients.

Site-to-Site VPN

One UserGate device acts as the server, and the other acts as the client. Using this connection, separate company offices can be be combined into a logical network.


A Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) is used to create tunnels, and an IPsec protocol is used to secure transmitted data.

Publishing resources

UserGate is used by a number of government and commercial clients to organize their employees' remote work. UserGate allows you to organize access to a company's corporate services beyond the boundaries of the internal network. Reverse proxy functionality can be used to publish resources outside of corporate portals, CRMs, and email services such as Sharepoint and OWA (Outlook Web Access).

For large enterprise networks and telecom providers

The UserGate Log Analyzer E collects and performs the initial processing of data from UserGate firewalls. The product is deployed separately from UserGate Security Gateway and is a full-fledged network server solution capable of protecting against all kinds of Internet threats on networks with up to a thousand or more users.

For large enterprise networks and data centers

UserGate Log Analyzer F25 is intended for use at major companies and data centers. This hardware and software system has great information storage capabilities and allows data received from UserGate servers to be processed as quickly as possible

Virtual Firewall

For organizations that prefer a virtual platform

Virtual UserGate Log Analyzer can be deployed on the customer's virtual infrastructure. All hypervisors are supported, including VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, OpensStack, and VirtualBox. The functionality of our virtual solution is completely equivalent to that of the UserGate hardware system.