Licensing and Purchase

Licensing and Purchase

UserGate is licensed based on the number of simultaneous users (i.e. IP addresses) that can connect devices to it. For example, a license for 100 users allows 100 devices with unique IP addresses to be connected at any given moment. The 101st user and any that follow will not be able to obtain internet access. There is no limit to the number of user accounts that can be in the system.

The basic license for the product has no expiration date (without updates).

1. Security Updates (SU) Subscription

  • updates to UserGate software;
  • OS updates;
  • subscription to IDPS (attack signatures) database updates;
  • subscription to L7 (application signatures) database updates;
  • technical support for UserGate.

This subscription is mandatory when purchasing the product for the first time. Once the license expires the product will still work, but the L7 and IDPS modules will continue to use the old databases. The databases will not be updated, and technical support will not be available.

A one-year subscription to the Security Updates module is included in the basic UserGate license. Once the first year expires it must be renewed.


2. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Module

  • subscription to UserGate URL filtering 3.0;
  • subscription to Phishing, UserGate white/black lists;
  • subscription to morphological databases;
  • Adblock ad-blocking module.

3. Flow Antivirus

  • a subscription to Flow Antivirus.

4. Mail Security Module

  • cloud-based anti-spam;
  • email antivirus scanning;
  • support for other methods for filtering unwanted email.

The renewal of additional modules is possible only with an active subscription to the Security Updates module.

Delivery Options

Virtual appliance

UserGate UTM can be supplied as a virtual image that can be run in any standard virtual environment such as VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, or Virtual Box, as well as cloud-based web services such as Amazon EC2. In this case it is only necessary to purchase a product license and additional modules. The license is provided electronically.

Hardware appliance

It is all possible to order a ready-to-use UserGate UTM hardware appliance. The following models are available:
  • UserGate C100 - C170 (tabletop, up to 100 users);
  • UserGate D200 - D270, D500 (1U rackmount, up to 500 users);
  • UserGate E1000, E3000 (1U rackmount, up to 3000 users);
  • UserGate F8000 (2U rackmount, up to 10000 users);
Model descriptions are available in the special section of our website.

In accordance with the requirements of the UserGate Partner Program, only authorized partners (integrators) may conduct sales of UserGate for any projects with more than 200 users.

For questions related to UserGate purchases, please contact us by email at or by phone at +1-281-895-3437.