Solutions for DPI Vendors

UserGate can provide:

  • Simple URL-based filtering using a categorised websites database
  • Blocking dangerous and illegal content basing on the deep content analysis technology
  • HTML-code injection

Most telecom operators use a variety of DPI solutions, allowing them to perform a thorough analysis of traffic to optimize resource usage, record usage, set rates, and provide value-added services (VAS). This is all extremely important for them to work with subscribers effectively.

It is common practice for a DPI solution to provide several filtering features, such providing a certain level of protection based on some open blacklists or the databases of companies that supply DPI solutions. However, all of this does not guarantee an adequate level of protection or compliance with the local legal requirements. The filtering technologies employed by UserGate can be used in conjunction with any DPI solution that is already implemented on a provider's network. This ensures thorough, high-quality Internet filtering.

UserGate is widely used to address problems in the networks of telecom operators, as both a standalone platform and a supplement to third-party DPI solutions.

For large enterprise networks and telecom providers

Corporate network security must be maintained through a high-performance platform that has a good safety factor and the potential for scaling up. UserGate E is a full-fledged network server solution capable of resolving security issues related to all types of online threats in networks with a thousand users or more.

For large enterprise networks and data centers

For large corporate networks and data centers, it is critical to use reliable network solutions that provide high availability, fail-safe redundancy, scalability, and flexibility when it comes to integrating them with your network infrastructure. UserGate F combines all the security features you need with the capabilities necessary for functioning with maximum stability under an extremely high load.

For large enterprise networks and telecom providers

The UserGate Log Analyzer collects and performs the initial processing of data from UserGate firewalls. The product is deployed separately from UserGate Security Gateway and is a full-fledged network server solution capable of protecting against all kinds of Internet threats on networks with up to a thousand or more users.

For large enterprise networks and data centers

UserGate Log Analyzer F25 is intended for use at major companies and data centers. This hardware and software system has great information storage capabilities and allows data received from UserGate servers to be processed as quickly as possible.

For large enterprise networks and telecom providers

Organizations with multiple branches, where a company-wide security policy must be applied to each device and lots of firewalls are used, require a single control center. UserGate Management Center E can manage a number of firewalls from a single point.