UserGate Management Center C

UserGate Management Center C offers a single point of control allowing an administrator to centrally manage security settings, apply unified policies, and monitor UserGate physical and virtual appliances in use.

Affordable and User-Friendly

UserGate Management Center C can manage, deploy, and configure two or more UserGate next-generation firewalls for small organizations and their branch offices. This device comes pre-loaded and ready for initial setup.


Despite the compact size and low cost of the model, the operation of UserGate Management Center C is based on the same technology that is used to manage firewalls of large corporations and their branches. UserGate Management Center C helps globally configure all the parameters of your UserGate firewalls, including network settings, firewall rules, content filtering, intrusion prevention system, and other settings. UserGate Management Center C allows you to unify approaches to configuring settings with templates as well as to apply these settings transparently to a given subset of your firewall group.

UserGate Management Center C

Size of Organization

Devices under control*: up to 50

Equipment Specifications

Processor, number of cores: 4

Ports: 5


HDD: 1×500 GB


Dimensions: tabletop 230 × 170 × 47.7 mm (9.05 x 6.69 x 1.87 inches)

Weight: 1.2 kg

Power Supply

Power: 140–220 V

Power consumption (max): 36 W

* For the entry-level management, clustering is available, but redundant power supplies or HDDs are not supported.

Unified management server

Support for cloud management platform

Applying company-wide policies and settings

Support for distributed firewall fleet

Creating managed realms

Cluster management