UserGate Management Center C

UserGate Management Center C offers easy-to-implement and centralized management features for network administrators. This solution allows to simplify deployment, and management of your UserGate products.


Affordable and User-Friendly

UserGate Management Center (UserGate MC) can manage, deploy, and configure two or more UserGate next-generation firewalls.


Despite its small form factor and low cost, UserGate MC C model implements the same technology that is used for managing firewalls of large corporations and their branches. UserGate MC helps globally configure all the parameters of your UserGate firewalls, including network settings, firewall rules, content filtering, intrusion prevention system, and other settings. UserGate MC allows you to unify approaches to configuring settings with templates as well as to apply these settings transparently to a given subset of your firewall group.

UserGate Management Center C

Size of the organization

Devices under control*: up to 50

Equipment specification

Processor, number of cores: 4

Ports: 5

Memory: 8 GB

HDD: 1х500 GB


Dimensions: Tabletop 230 x 170 x 47.7 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Power supply

Power supply: 140-220V

Power consumption (max): 36W

* For the entry-level management, clustering is available, but redundant power supplies and HDDs are not supported.

The unified management server

Support of the cloud management platform

Applying company-wide policies and settings

Support of the distributed park of firewalls

Creating managed areas

Cluster management