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Unified Management Center

The UserGate Management Center (UGMC) is an add-on component for the UserGate universal firewall that makes it possible to manage a large number of appliances. UserGate Management Center consolidates device management into a single point from where the administrator can monitor UserGate servers, apply the required settings, create policies that apply to groups of devices to ensure corporate network security.

Key Features

The UGMC enables centralized configuration of all UserGate firewall parameters: network settings, firewall rules, content filtering, intrusion detection systems, etc. UserGate Management Center allows you to streamline the composition of settings via templates and to apply these settings transparently to the selected part of your firewall fleet.

UserGate firewall management can be divided into 4 stages:

  • Creating a managed realm;
  • Creating a template or several templates, each template will define its own part of the firewall settings;
  • Combining the required templates into a group in the necessary order to produce the correct configuration for the managed UserGate devices;
  • Adding a managed device and applying a template group to it.

If necessary, after applying the templates, the settings can be changed so that they apply to all firewalls to which the templates are applied.

UserGate C150

UserGate C150

The next-generation firewall UserGate C150 is used to ensure the security of corporate networks of any scale. The hardware and software system is the optimal solution for protection against cyberthreats for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for organizations with multiple branches.

UserGate C150 is a part of the UserGate SUMMA cybersecurity product ecosystem.

For small businesses, branch offices, POS-systems, schools, Wi-Fi hotspots

UserGate Management Center C offers a single point of control allowing an administrator to centrally manage security settings, apply unified policies, and monitor UserGate physical and virtual appliances in use.

For large enterprise networks and telecom providers

Organizations with multiple branches, where a company-wide security policy must be applied to each device and lots of firewalls are used, require a single control center. UserGate Management Center E can manage a number of firewalls from a single point.

Virtual Firewall

For organizations that prefer a virtual platform

UserGate Management Center can be deployed on the customer's virtual infrastructure. UserGate Management Center virtual comes with two Ethernet interfaces. The functionality of our virtual solution is completely equivalent to that of the UserGate hardware system.