Protecting Email from Spam and Viruses

Mail Security feature is important both to provide spam filtering and to protect users from threats associated with receiving emails with malicious attachments, as well as from phishing, pharming and other types of fraud.

Email Security with UserGate

UserGate enables the filtering of emails by analyzing their contents and using heuristic techniques. Emails in any language, as well as image-based content, may be analyzed. Spam detection center detects spam attacks anywhere in the world. To detect spam and viruses, the processing of gigantic statistical data is also used, based on the analysis of billions of letters received by centers specially created for this purpose (honeypots) and distributed around the world. This approach provides an almost zero level of false detection. The Mail Security module sends the email UID to the cloud service, which determines if the email is spam. The solution does not block an IP address, domain or email address, but a specific email or spam attack.

When processing incoming messages in UserGate, filtering is performed in several stages: by connections, by source address, by destination address and by content. When email traffic is checked using DNSBL, the IP address of the spam sender’s SMTP server is blocked when the SMTP connection is created, thus helping to substantially decrease the load on other methods of checking email for spam and viruses.

UserGate C150

UserGate C150

The next-generation firewall UserGate C150 is used to ensure the security of corporate networks of any scale. The hardware and software system is the optimal solution for protection against cyberthreats for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for organizations with multiple branches.

UserGate C150 is a part of the UserGate SUMMA cybersecurity product ecosystem.

For small businesses, branch offices, POS-systems, schools, Wi-Fi hotspots

Networks of all sizes should be protected from external attacks and viruses, as well as a wide range of other modern cyber threats. UserGate is a compact and straightforward network device for small organizations and branch offices, equally suited to safeguarding networks of a few dozen users to those of a hundred or more.

For medium-sized businesses, educational, medical and state institutions, large corporate branches

To protect corporate networks, you need a multifunctional solution that can provide comprehensive security for network infrastructure without negatively impacting access speeds. The UserGate D appliance is a full-fledged network server capable of securing small and medium-sized businesses with several hundred users.

Virtual Firewall

For organizations that prefer a virtual platform

UserGate can be deployed on the customer's virtual infrastructure. All hypervisors are supported, including VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, OpensStack, and VirtualBox. The functionality of our virtual solution is completely equivalent to that of the UserGate hardware system.

How to set up a virtual image?