UserGate C150

The next-generation firewall UserGate C150 is used to ensure the security of corporate networks of any scale. The hardware and software system is the optimal solution for protection against cyberthreats for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for organizations with multiple branches.

UserGate C150 is a part of the UserGate SUMMA cybersecurity product ecosystem.


UserGate C150 is the Optimal Solution for Protection of Corporate Networks

To ensure high stability of the device.

Simultaneous Use of Numerous Content Filtering Rules
Allows you to configure complex security policies.

8 Network Ports
Allow the device to be used in various network deployment scenarios.

Dedicated Management Port
Allows you to control the device regardless of its state, including when the device is disabled. You can use out-of-band management to control the device.

2 Power Supplies (Second Power Supply Sold Separately) and Active Cooling
Provide power redundancy and increased fault tolerance.

Ability to Create a Bridge Interface With Hardware Bypass. Lightweight and Cheaper Version Without Bypass Mode
Customizing the device to the needs of a specific user allows you to reduce the capital costs of providing information security, as well as apply individual usage scenarios.

Next-Generation Firewall Appliance UserGate C150


Firewall throughput, EMIX traffic: 3.8 Gbps

Firewall throughput, UDP traffic with a packet size of 1518 bytes: 8 Gbps

Concurrent TCP sessions: 2 400 000

Connections per second: 19 000

Firewall throughput with L7 application control, EMIX traffic: 2.8 Gbps

Connections per second for firewall with L7 application control: 9 000

Firewall throughput with L7 application control and IDPS, EMIX traffic: 400 Mbps

Connections per second for firewall with L7 application control and IDPS: 2 400

HTTP traffic filtering throughput with a transaction size of 256 KB: 800 Mbps

HTTPS traffic inspection throughput at 256 KB response size, TLSv1.2: 200 Mbps

Firewall throughput with all protection mechanisms enabled (L7 application control, IPS, HTTPS content filtering and inspection), EMIX traffic: 120 Mbps

Equipment Specifications

Processor, number of cores: 8

RAM: 16 GB

SSD: 1х128 GB


Dimensions: tabletop 205 × 185 × 55 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Power Supply

Power: 140-220 V

Power consumption (max): 36 W

Additional hot-swappable power supply: yes

Recommended number of users**: 150

* Measurements were carried out on UserGate NGFW version

** The recommended number of users is determined based on an average employee profile. This value can vary widely, both up and down, depending on the kind of work performed by company employees and logging settings on the UserGate server.

Next-generation firewall

Application control L7

Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS)

User identification

Internet access control

TLS/SSL inspection


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Access to internal resources over SSL VPN Portal

Safe publishing of internal resources and services, reverse proxy

Mail security

High availibilty and clustering support

Automated response to cybersecurity threats (SOAR)

Guest Internet hotspot