UserGate Web Filter has been adopted for the ODROID-U3 platform

UserGate Web Filter, a content filtering solution, is now available for micro-platform ODROID-U3. Recently, the product has been adopted for less productive micro-platforms - ODROID-U2 and Raspberry Pi.

It's noteworthy that ODROID-U3, the same as other similar platforms, is a fully-functional and compact computer. Moreover, its $69 cost makes it affordable for a wide range of users. The size of the platform is 83x48 mm and it's completely noiseless, and that makes it the best solution for home and corporative networks.

When using this tiny computer, it's important to take into account its performance parameters. Note that the previous version ODROID-U2 supported a speed of up to 14 Mbps. UserGate Web Filter, installed on ODROID-U3, is able to provide HTTP/HTTPS Internet filtering, including content analysis, with a speed of 20 Mbps. This makes it possible to use the solution for purposes of Internet access control, blocking dangerous web resources and tracking scripts, preventing the upload of harmful files, etc. in a small office (up to 100 workstations) or in a branch office of an enterprise.

Note! A special image for installing on ODROID-U3 and similar solutions is provided upon request.

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*The price is provided without the cost of a UserGate Web Filter license.