Announcement regarding new UserGate platform development

Entensys announces an update in its product line, prices and solutions support policy. The main focus now is a full migration to the newly released UserGate platform. The solution is available both as a virtual appliance (an image for VMware, Hyper-V and other virtualization systems) and as a hardware and software system. The use of an adequate technology, providing complex network protection and capable of processing large traffic bandwidth is an acknowledged and ubiquitous standard in cyber security.
The new UserGate platform not only develops the functionality of the existing product UserGate Proxy & Firewall, but puts forward a set of brand new features designed to provide even more reliable protection against new sophisticated threats and deliver more flexible and scalable network optimization. Thus now it includes filtering on Level 2, supports dynamic routing (OSPF, BGP), new authentication methods, VPN management and many other features.
As UserGate is superior to UserGate Proxy & Firewall across the board, the further support of the old system would be unpractical. Therefore Entensys encourages all the companies, using UserGate Proxy & Firewall, to migrate to the new platform. All the current users will obtain 50% discount for the basic license, all the licences for subscriptions will be transferred as well. UserGate Proxy & Firewall will be supported until 1st July 2018, after that the product will be still in operation, but could probably not be able to guarantee a prompt protection against advanced threats.
UserGate Web Filter, a popular solution, deployed in a wide range of schools, universities and telecommunication operators networks for Internet filtering, is also moving to the new UserGate platform and will be available for educational and telecom organizations for a special price.
You can find more detailed information about the new solution following the link.