Release UserGate Management Center

UserGate is announcing a new product, UserGate Management Center (UGMC).

UGMC is an add-on component for the UserGate next generation firewall that allows you to manage a large number of UserGate appliances. When you are using two or more firewalls, or if you are a company with a network of branch offices where you need a common security policy for each of your devices, UserGate Management Center centralizes management at a single point from which the administrator can monitor UserGate servers, apply required settings, and create policies applied to appliance groups to ensure corporate network security. UserGate Management Center templates allow to unify approaches to configuring settings as well as to transparently apply these settings to a selected part of your firewalls.
UGMC also supports a cloud-based management model by providing completely independent firewall management across various companies using a single management server.
Using UserGate Management Center provides more efficient management and support of a distributed group of UserGate firewalls.
You can learn more about the product here.