UserGate new version release

UserGate announces the fifth version of its platform and the corresponding update for the UGOS operating system. The new version applies to all UserGate's virtual and hardware appliances (models C, D, E, F, and X).

UserGate solutions are successfully deployed in organizations of any size and specialization to address a broad range of tasks, such as firewall protection, intrusion detection and prevention, web filtering, traffic control and monitoring, advanced threat protection, anti-virus and anti-spam filtering. The latest version provides lots of new features and improvements to make the UserGate platform even more versatile:

  • Added support for VPN and SSL VPN
  • Developed numbers of web, traffic and system reports
  • Added support for SCADA protocols
  • Added support for SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) in security policies
  • Added support for routing protocols OSPF and BGP
  • Added support for Active-Active high-availability clustering
  • Added support for multi-factor authentication based on TOTP, SMS, email
  • Added support for publishing HTTP/S resources via reverse-proxy
  • Added support for new authentication methods - NTLM, FreeIPA, TACACS+, SAML IDP
  • Added support for network interfaces of types LACP (link aggregation control protocol), bridge
  • Added support for FTP over HTTP
  • Developed new proxy agent for Windows for applications without native proxy support
  • Added support for custom program code injection to web pages
  • Added support for role-based UserGate management
  • Added ability to perform traffic balancing
  • Revised and improved IDPS
  • Added ability to filter traffic sent to ICAP servers, added support for ICAP servers farm
  • Improved general performance.

The new version is available for download to all customers.