Entensys announces the release of its new UserGate UTM solution

The Entensys corporation announces the release of UserGate UTM, a product that answers the question of how to protect modern network infrastructures from different kinds of online threats—external attacks, malware, tracking, and other dangers—and that also permits granular policies towards internet users in terms of regulating both traffic flow and application use. The foundation of UserGate UTM is an innovative platform created by Entensys developers for communications operators, which can work on projects with tens of thousands of users at a bandwidth of up to 10 Gb/s.

UserGate UTM combines a firewall, an incursion detection system, protection against malware and viruses, a content filtering system, spam filtering, and other functions, in a single solution that is easy to install and administer. The product also incorporates a number of functions that are in particularly high demand with big organizations. These include access control based on user identification (AD, Kerberos, LDAP, Radius, Captive Portal, etc.), load balancing, bandwidth management, modern threat prevention, SSL analysis, app recognition, and more. The new solution supports the 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) concept, making it possible to apply specific policies to users' personal devices including smartphones and tablets. It is also possible, using this product, to organize internet access for guest users. UserGate UTM is oriented towards protecting large and medium-sized enterprises' networks, including networks at industrial sites where uninterrupted functioning and high productivity are especially necessary.

This new application from Entensys makes it possible to build effective high-speed scalable nodes based on a distributed cluster system, providing defense against internet threats, and also to control traffic including a breakdown of protocols and applications.

UserGate UTM is supplied as a virtual image, supporting  VMware, Hyper-V, Virtual Box, and other virtual platforms, or as an appliance. UserGate UTM Appliance models C, D, E, and F are adapted for different user sectors, from desktop modification for small businesses to high-productivity server solutions for companies with tens of thousands of users.

The inadequacies of the solutions that are currently present in the marketplace are:

  • the extremely high price of high-productivity solutions;
  • the use, in several cases, of obsolete platforms and approaches that took shape 10 or even 20 years ago.

UserGate UTM is free of these deficiencies, and is also based on the following innovations:

  • the innovative architecture, with inbuilt support for distributed working, ensures high productivity and reliability and makes the product widely scalable;
  • the system's own content analysis mechanism guarantees high traffic-processing speeds for dictionary bases of arbitrary size;
  • high-quality analysis of national sectors of the internet;
  • support for industry protocols (Scada, IEC 60870-5-104).

Even before its official release, UserGate UTM was tested on roughly 300 organizations' networks and was acquired for full use by 30, with numbers of users ranging from 12,000 to 25,000, including major banks, energy and manufacturing concerns, public bodies, and universities.

About Entensys

Since 2002, Entensys has been engaged in developing solutions in the information security field. The company has extensive expertise in fields such as network traffic analysis, internet threat prevention, and developing highly accessible systems.

The company was oriented from the outset towards small and medium-sized businesses, providing the accessible and functional UserGate Proxy & Firewall solution to work on the Windows platform. By 2010 Entensys counted more than 40,000 firms among its clients. After that, Entensys began developing a new scalable high-productivity platform oriented towards the corporate sector with thousands and tens of thousands of users. Since 2012, Entensys solutions have been employed in large operator networks. In 2015 the company announced the forthcoming release of its new solution, UserGate UTM, and made it available for beta testing.

In June 2015 Entensys won the SC Awards Europe prize, from the UK magazine SC Magazine.

The image can be downloaded from the private area at my.entensys.com (registration required).

IMPORTANT! For testing, you will need a test key. Email utm@entensys.com to receive it. Any helpful information to do with testing may be sent to the same address.