New version of a server antispam solution – GateWall Mail Security 2.9

Entensys corporation, information security and content filtering expert, announces release of new version of server antispam solution GateWall Mail Security.

GateWall Mail Security is the solution for protecting corporate mail from viruses, phishing, spam and other harmful emails, and also to prevent from personal data leak. The product provides email archiving, allows mail monitoring, supports synchronization of IMAP with MS Exchange and Lotus Domino, as well as working with any mail server.

Due to its modular structure, GateWall Mail Security performs very high performance and minimal false positives. Cloud antispam and ativirus modules provide spam filtering and antivirus protection with extremely fast reaction time on new menace (Zero-Hour Protection) and almost zero false response.

GateWall Mail Security performs increased accuracy and improved database operation speed. New product version can be used in small companies with amount of users from 5 to 10. Along with already existing antiviruses, GateWall Mail Security offers integrated antivirus protection by Avira. Also, a lot of minor improvements have been added in accordance with users’ requests.