UserGate Web Filter 4.1 released: new features for ISPs and corporate IT departments

Entensys has released version 4.1 of UserGate Web Filter, the company's popular server-based solution for comprehensive Internet filtering. The new version offers enhanced features for handling high traffic loads as well as streamlined configuration to ease regulatory compliance for users.

UserGate Web Filter 4.1 supports transparent proxy mode (TPROXY), which simplifies integration with existing ISP and network infrastructure. Other new features include:

  • A new special content filtering category "Kids protection", which forbids access to material objectionable for children (information about tobacco, alcohol, etc.), has been added;
  • Improvements have been made in the morphological filter for YouTube;
  • Pages can now be unblocked via password;
  • Critical system health parameters are now monitored: CPU load, RAM use, number of queries;
  • Protection added to prevent overloads on large networks;

UserGate Web Filter is in wide use around the world by ISPs, public Wi-Fi operators, and educational institutions (secondary, post-secondary, libraries). The new version offers benefits for mid- to large-sized companies, including government agencies, since it provides transparent proxy access, anti-virus scanning, and content filtering. UserGate Web Filter also integrates with diverse third-party solutions to ensure digital security, protection from data theft, and more.