UserGate Web Filter 4.0 with social-application blocking functionality is now available

The internet security and content-filtering experts at Entensys are pleased to announce the release of UserGate Web Filter 4.0, which features a number of new functions, including several related to regulating applications for social networks. UserGate's functionality has been optimized for use with projects with over 100,000 users. UserGate Web Filter is a comprehensive web-filtering solution with support for the morphologies and linguistic characteristics of European and Asian languages. UserGate won several awards this year, including an SC Awards 2014 prize from SC Magazine.

UserGate Web Filter provides a number of web-filtering methods, thereby ensuring maximal functional precision with a minimal level of false positives. New filtering categories have been added to the latest version, including Content Delivery Networks, Kids Websites, Military, Legal, Personal Storage, Local Information, Profanity, and Professional Social Networks. UserGate now uses some additional dangerous website lists.

One of the functions of the content-filtering system offered by Entensys has always been the ability to regulate unproductive resources. Earlier versions already featured a content-filtering system for social networking sites, and the latest version now offers the ability to block games and other applications from social networks. The software can also block the turbo modes of popular browsers and activate software bypass, i.e. deactivate all filters. The functionality of the latest version has been optimized for use in operational networks. Performance has been enhanced, and new functions related to system self-recovery have been added. UserGate Web Filter now runs off of its own proxy server, which has allowed it to achieve increases in speed and performance. A new cache function has also been added. UserGate now offers support for the Radius Accounting protocol for corporate users. Another new feature involves the addition of unblocking filtering rules, which allow UserGate to offer alerts and logs of user activity. The functionality of the statistics module has been expanded, including functions relating to new filtering rules.

UserGate Web Filter is becoming more and more popular not just among educational institutions and telecom companies, but also facilities responsible for administering public WiFi networks such as coffee shops and airport terminals. UserGate provides effective security solutions and facilitates efficient employee interaction. UserGate Web Filter provides top-quality solutions to pressing internet-security issues. Thanks to its capabilities and the wide spectrum of solutions it provides, UserGate can be used in projects of any scale.