New UserGate Mail Server 2.9: Improved performance and operating speed

Entensys, a leading vendor of software solutions for Internet security, announces the release of UserGate Mail Server 2.9.

UserGate Mail Server is an e-mail management solution with integrated antivirus and antispam functionality. The solution is developed for small and medium enterprises. UserGate Mail Server provides multiple antispam protection, is able to process over 2000 emails per minute, and has modular structure which makes it more failsafe. Extremely low false positive rates minimize the risk of emails going missing.

UseGate Mail Server 2.9 is more stable now and has improved operating speed while processing databases. New version of Entensys Mail Server can be used by companies having several hundred employees. The solution has new additional integrated antivirus protection by Avira. Also a great number of minor changes and bugfixes are done by popular requests of actual Mail Server users.

UserGate Mail Server supports external email hosting services, including the free ones, such as Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, etc. It provides centralized corporate e-mail management, email filtering, email archiving, etc. The solution supports managing email directly from a browser or via any other email client as well.