New version of UserGate Web Filter scans traffic with DCI-based antivirus tools

Entensys, an acknowledged leader in development of software solutions for Internet security, is proud to announce the release of UserGate Web Filter 3.2, which uses Deep Content Inspection (DCI) for powerful anti-virus scanning of downloaded content.

The new version of UserGate Web Filter scans for viruses both on web pages loaded from the Internet and in downloaded files. This complements the five existing content filtering mechanisms available in the program (morphological analysis, DNS-based filtering, Safe Search, white lists and black lists, and blocking of contextual advertising).

The ability to scan both the plain text of downloaded files as well as their full content is thanks to support for Deep Content Inspection (DCI), which has been included in the most recent versions of UserGate Web Filter. Deep Content Inspection, which is based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), ensures complete, transparent analysis of traffic, data, and text at the highest level – at the level of the content itself, not packets or applications. DCI allows ensuring safe Internet access for all users, including at companies, banks, government entities, universities, libraries, and schools of all kinds. It also offers a compelling option for operators of public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Anti-virus scanning uses the SAVAPI kernel developed by Avira. SAVAPI and the search technologies underlying it are multiplatform and processor-independent. Their memory footprint is exceptionally low thanks to resource-efficient programming techniques. Avira has over 100 million clients and 500 employees, making it a leading world developer of security solutions for home and business users.

UserGate Web Filter 3.2 is available as a downloadable installer, disk image, appliance, cluster solution, and cloud service.