UserGate Web Filter 3.1: Detail web statistics and HTTPS-traffic filtering

Entensys corporation, an expert and a vendor of internet security solutions, would like to present the new version of UserGate Web Filter 3.1. New solution has widely extended functionality and new content filtering options are added.

UserGate Web Filter, that was released this February, is the successor to GateWall DNS Filter and has all 5 mechanisms of content filtering – morphological analysis, DNS requests filtering, safe search, black and white lists, blocking of banners and pop-ups. The product features clustering support that allows creating internet filtering systems consisting of several server machines.

One of the major improvements of the new version is extended web statistics module that displays reports of the Internet use in detail.

Our developers especially paid attention to web filter mechanisms. Firstly the new option of creating on-line regulated morphological databases is added and it supports several languages including Arabic and Japanese. Secondly there is a new category “Gambling” added. And finally now it’s available to process internet traffic by content type.

There are also some changes to user management. UserGate Web Filter 3.1 supports HTTP user authorization. User schema is changed: WAN-user type is removed and the ability to add several ICAP clients is added.

It’s worth mentioning that a fully-featured HTTPS traffic filtering mechanism based on MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) technology is added to UserGate Web Filter Appliance. The categories and databases, used for proceeding this protocol, are the same as the ones used for HTTP-traffic filtering. If used and set as recommended by the developers HTTPS-traffic filtering remains unnoticeable for users. For more information read the instruction.

Starting from the version 3.1 UserGate Web filter supports such OS as CentOS and Debian 7 (wheezy).

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