UserGate UTM updated to Release 5.0.6

UserGate announces Release 5.0.6 of its platform and the UGOS operating system. The release is available for the entire line of UserGate virtual and hardware devices (C, D, E, F, and X models).

The new version 5.0.6 contains a large number of new features and improvements. DoS protection features include support for both Known and Unknown users. Offline updates capability has been added.  Support for log export has been extended to BSD syslog, syslog protocol (RFC5424) and CEF (ArcSight Common Event Format) formats.

New features and improvements

  • Added ability to apply DoS protection for Known or Unknown users.
  • Added ability to narrow search in AD domain, when adding user or group to filtering rules.
  • Added ability to set URI for ICAP servers as icap://server:port/path
  • Added ability to use one TCP port for SSL VPN and reverse proxy service.
  • Added block page for SSL VPN users who are trying to access restricted bookmarks.
  • Added offline updates capability.
  • Added proxy configuration for fast mode and SYN mode.
  • Added support for log export formats - BSD syslog protocol (RFC - 3164), syslog protocol (RFC - 5424), CEF (ArcSight Common Event Format).
  • Added support for national domain names in DNS requests in Diagnostics and monitoring.
  • Changed Entensys to UserGate in all default certificates.
  • Changed default boot mode to UTM Core (serial console).
  • Improved remote assistance service.
  • Improved security update procedure.
  • Added bridge bypass mode for UserGate D, E, F network appliances.
  • Added DoS protection feature.

A complete list of changes is available in Release Notes. UserGate 5.0.6 is available for download to all customers at