UserGate platform upgrade to version 5.0.5

UserGate announces the update of the fifth version of its platform and the UGOS operating system. The release of the new version is applicable for the entire line of UserGate virtual and hardware devices (C, D, E, F, and X models).
The new version 5.0.5 contains a large number of new features and improvements. Significant improvements have been made to UserGate Log Analyzer, a component that provides statistics collection and reporting. Support for VPN connections has been substantially improved.

New features and improvements

  • Added ability to make fully routable Site-to-Site VPN connections
  • Added extended logging for SSL VPN connections to RDP and SSH
  • Added paging and filtering for generated reports page
  • Added support for PPPoE interface type
  • Added VPN events to event log
  • Improved Active Directory and Free IPA connectors
  • Improved captive portal to remove leading/following spaces from user name
  • Improved error dialog for login attempt with incorrect username or password
  • Improved HTTP performance
  • Improved UserGate Log Analyzer to support processors without SSE 4.2 instruction set

A complete list of changes is available in Release Notes. UserGate 5.0.5 is available for download to all customers at