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To contact us with any technical question, you need to sign in or register a new account, and submit a support ticket.


Document Library

We provide our customers with full access to our products’ help documentation such as user guides and other useful materials.


Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base contains reference materials, how-to guides, specifications, use cases, and much more.


Video Library

We record product and training videos providing common use cases and tutorials.


Trial version

We offer free 30-day testing of UserGate virtual appliance.

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Online Demo

You can access UserGate online demo in a read-only mode.


Technical Support Plans

UserGate users get all the technical support they need. Our tech specialists and engineers work directly alongside our developers, so they have a deep understanding of the solution's working principles and can resolve even the most complex issues. We provide technical support not only to clients, but also to users who are conducting pilot projects. In these cases, the manager overseeing the project will designate the level of support.

Standard support is provided to UserGate users with an active Security Updates subscription. It allows full access to updates, as well as the online support system.

Expanded support is available as a supplement to standard support on special conditions for clients who need it. Under this package, you can receive quicker responses to support service requests and a variety of other benefits.

  No Support Standard Support* Expanded Support**
Access to knowledgebases Yes Yes Yes
Access to latest updates and service packages N/A Yes Yes
Access to new versions N/A Yes Yes
Online tech support N/A Yes Yes
Service availability N/A 8-5 on weekdays 24/7
Telephone support N/A N/A Yes
Personal tech support engineer N/A N/A Yes
Requesting an engineer for urgent inquiries N/A N/A Yes
Handling new feature requests N/A N/A Yes

* - Provided to UserGate users with an active Security Updates subscription.

** - Provided to users who have purchased an Expanded Tech Support package.